Humans and Machine Learning

Few years ago, AI was a subject of fear for the future. Now it's a fact, Machine Learning is part of the present. We are not anymore in a challenge Humans vs Machines, goal is to free human resources for higher end tasks. Humans and Machines...

Getting started with Talend MDM

MDM for master data management is a Talend specific tool to create a data model easily through an eclipse based client and manage master data from an user friendly web user interface you can access with your favourite browser. MDM Introduction In this post and as usual, I’ll show you only the free community edition, … Continue reading Getting started with Talend MDM

Talend Data Integration and Talend ESB introduction

Talend DI and Talend ESB are the two most famous and well-known integration version, in this post, I’ll speak about difference and personal feelings about these two open source versions. Talend Data integration since a long time, helps me a lot to migrate data from ERP or CRM, building datawarehouse, create daily batch, read XML/json … Continue reading Talend Data Integration and Talend ESB introduction