Creative Journey

Self development and teamwork is essential for AkaBI. That’s why we have offered all of our consultants to participate in the Creative Journey, a day based on team self-organization to deliver a project on time.


Friday 8th December, all the consultants from Luxembourg and Brussels arrived to Libramont, under the snow and with no idea on what they will doing during the day. This gray area was wanted by the organization, so that nobody could not prepare his work. Indeed, the aim is to make a complete board game prototype.

Some rules were demand to the four unbalanced groups formed randomly : the context of the game is the consultancy world, the game will be playable to 2-6 gamers, and a game will not exceed 30min. A lot of ideas, a lot of debates and a lot of fun were the key to reach the goal of the project.

After a retrospective of the day and what worked and what did not worked in each groups. Initially, it may look like a funny day, but in the end it was a real project management simulation. To conclude, everyone tested a game from an other group and discovered the creativity of his co-workers !




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