AkaBI has a thing for IoT

From side project to growth opportunity, AkaBI is developing an IoT (Internet of Things) project.


How it started

At the end of 2016, a couple of tech-passionate AkaBI team members met up to identify how they could use IoT in their own way. As a result of these meetings, a team of business intelligence consultants and electronics experts formed to shape a new AkaBI project.

To start the project, the team identified the right technology mix to use. They decided to use existing domotic components. Each one monitors variables such as lighting, temperature, humidity, CO2 emissions, atmospheric pressure and more — applications are endless. Once they selected the component types they wanted to use, they connected them to the right processor (Arduino) as well as data integration and visualization tool (Microsoft Azure). They allow the real-time data processing required for efficient IoT management.

The IoT modules are currently being tested at consultants’ houses and are sending data to an AkaBI server, getting richer information every day.

Next steps

Once enough data is collected, the team will be able to act on it. What’s more, the data will be an interesting proof of concept, allowing them to start taking their modules to larger scale real-life situations such as placing components in buses to evaluate comfort, connect them to external data sources such as the weather forecast and implement their IoT solutions at farms. Applications are endless.

This project is an unrivaled opportunity for AkaBI to grow and develop new capabilities. Especially as most analyst houses consider it a major and booming field over the next few years.

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